The Basics of DevOps: Ryutaro Yoshiba [RTC 2015 Osaka Satellite]

Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 Osaka Satellite

Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 will be held at Futako Tamagawa Rakuten Crimson House on Nov. 21st, inviting a variety of top-class speakers. There are so many great sessions.

And we will hold Osaka Satellite this year, too. We're so excited to see you at Rakuten Osaka Cafeteria. Please register and enjoy the satellite together eating snacks. Of course, let's enjoy beer bash as well!

(11:00-11:45) The Basics of DevOps: Ryutaro Yoshiba


Mr. Ryutaro Yoshiba, a thought leader for DevOps, will hit the stage!

He has helped a variety of companies implement and improve the development process for the last years and is famous for a leading person of DevOps and Scrum in Japan. He has conducted many consulting activities and covered many technologi topics from cloud computing, to automation like utilizing Chef, CI, etc, to practical introduction of Agile way, even to organizational restructuring. He wrote several books such as "A practical guide to Chef," "Continuous Integration with CakePHP," "SCRUM BOOT CAMP THE BOOK," and so on. This is one of must-see sessions.


僕はRyuzeeさんを一方的に知っているんです!(みんなそうか…)。神戸で開催されたスクラムブートキャンプ関西(2011年だったかな?)でRyuzeeさんが講師でした。その頃僕は「スクラムって何?」って状態だったのですけど、相対見積もりのお話しや、紙飛行機ワークショップなどでしてやられたりして。そのときの経験が今の僕を作ってます。そして、 ワンクリックデプロイのお話をされてるのをどこかで聞いて「すごいなー」って思って真似したり。あと、スクラムブートキャンプ・ザ・ブックも読んで面白かったり。いつもありがとうございます。そして、なので、今回のDevOpsのお話もすごい楽しみだなーって思ってワクワクしてます。でも、できれば、ちょっと近づけたなぁと思えたいなぁとか。そんな感じです!

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