Feature Teams & Specialist Teams ( Not Feature Teams vs Component Teams )

I joined "Regional SCRUM GATHERING® Tokyo" a few days ago. Today, I would like to think about teams from Bas and Ken's keynotes.

Following structure might be interesting for my environment.


Feature Team

  • Feature team is a cross functional team.
  • Less dependency between feature teams using Bounded Context(DDD).
  • So each team has its own PO and Product Backlog.
  • Probably there will be a team which think about whole picture.

Specialist Team

  • Specialist team of DBA, Test, UI etc...
  • Different from component team, the goal is to share their knowledge to feature teams.
  • So basically, one of them will join to the feature team to do so.
  • This is I think very important to have sense of ownership.
  • They have no task queue.
  • There's no dependency between Feature teams and Specialist teams.

T style skill


  • Feature Team members will have wider skill, but probably each one has best area.
  • Specialist Team members will have deeper skill, but they also need wider skill to work with feature teams.

Skill up

To have "skill up" point of view as team structure is important for me.