Programmable IoT Platform “SORACOM”: Ken Tamagawa [RTC 2015 Osaka Satellite]

Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 Osaka Satellite

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(12:00-12:45) Programmable IoT Platform “SORACOM”: Ken Tamagawa


Mr. Ken Tamagawa, SORACOM CEO the revolutionary, will show the future.
Mr. Ken Tamagawa who was previously an AWS evangelist and now is CEO of SORACOM will take the key stage. At last, SORACOM clarified the whole picture. They build the business system of MVNO operator with software on top of AWS cloud to realize the very elastic and scalable backend system. Accordingly they will provide suprisingly low-cost MVNO service for IoT applications. While accelerating IoT age, what future do they describe? Mr. Tamagawa will give us the answer to it.

ソラコム 玉川氏、IoTの風雲児が語る未来。



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