Frontiers of Music Technologies: Singing Synthesis and Active Music Listening: Masataka Goto [RTC 2015 Osaka Satellite]

Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 Osaka Satellite

Rakuten Technology Conference 2015 will be held at Futako Tamagawa Rakuten Crimson House on Nov. 21st, inviting a variety of top-class speakers. There are so many great sessions.

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(15:00-15:45) Frontiers of Music Technologies: Singing Synthesis and Active Music Listening: Masataka Goto


Toward the harmony with music and technology in the future
As shown in posts to date, the top-class speakers will take the stage in a row at our technology conference (so, there are many speakers we don't introduce yet), Dr. Masataka Goto, a prime senior researcher from AIST will hit the stage to make a presentation about the fusion of music and technology. For over 20 years, he has led researches in music technologies and music interfaces based on those technologies and invented a variety of relative technologies and applications.
In pursuit of practical research, he provided and operated services such as Songle ( which proposes how to enjoy the music more actively with the visible structure of music itself, and Songrium ( which gives you an overview of relationships between music and let you know the abundance of the music ecosystem. What kind of vision will Dr. Goto show us? We feel higher and higher expectations for that.

今までのセッション紹介でもお見せしてきました通り、大物プレゼンターがこれでもかと来るテクノロジーカンファレンスですが(多すぎて紹介が追いついていません)、産総研からは後藤 真孝 首席研究員が登壇。音楽とテクノロジーの融合についてプレゼンいただきます。後藤氏は、20年以上にわたって日本の音楽情報処理研究を牽引し、数々の音楽技術を発明してきました。実践的研究を志向し、音楽そのものの構造を可視化することでより能動的な音楽の楽しみ方を提案する『Songle ( 』、音楽と音楽の間の関係性を俯瞰し、音楽が生み出すエコシステムの豊かさをも教える『Songrium ( 』といったサービスも運営されています。後藤氏はテックカンファにてどんな音楽とテクノロジーの未来を見せてくれるのか。期待が高まります。

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