Rakuten Technology Conference 2014 Osaka Satellite on this Saturday!!

Hello everyone,

This Saturday!

Finally on this Saturday, we will have Rakuten Technology Conference 2014!! This is the second time we have a satellite at Osaka office. We're so excited to see you.

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Rakuten Technology Conference 2015

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Great Time Table!

The time table is as follow:
Please come until 11am if possible, and don't miss a welcome workshop:)

10:30 OPEN
11:00-11:45 [Osaka] Osaka Welcome Workshop Yoko Tanaka
12:00-12:45 Let's invent future Satoshi Nakajima
13:00-13:45 Keynote Speech Hiroshi Mikitani
14:00-14:45 Why Most Unit Testing is Waste Jim Coplien
15:00-15:45 Lessons learned from Ruby Yukihiro Matsumoto
16:00-16:45 [Osaka] Introducing Selenium2 WebDriver Ryuji Tamagawa
17:00-18:30 プチビアバッシュ+楽天大阪の開発部スタッフによるLT Masaki Nishitsuji
Yohei Yadori
Linlin Li
18:30 CLOSE

[Osaka] Osaka Welcome Workshop ( Yoko Tanaka )


Welcome to Osaka satellite! We would like to have a welcome workshop with you. The facilitator is Tina, who is a good leader of a scrum team in Osaka development unit. After this workshop, you will have some positive feeling by her magic and be ready for enjoying the conference. Then let's start a wonderful day!

Let's invent future ( Satoshi Nakajima )


My favorite quote is "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." by Alan Kay.
Stop guessing what kind of features Apple will add to next iPhone.
Instead, come up with a set of features you’d add to iPhone if you were in charge of the development of iPhone. Think what kind of impact you want to give to people’s lifestyle with your next product. Don’t follow the trend; create a new trend.

Satoshi Nakajima is a serial entrepreneur, whose career as a professional software engineer at ASCII corporation, where he developed the world first CAD program for personal computer, CANDY when he was 20. He was a software architect for Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 3.0/4.0. He is the founder of UIEvolution Inc. (2000), Big Canvas Inc. (2007), neu.Pen LLC (2009), and Veemob Inc. (2014).

Why Most Unit Testing is Waste ( Jim Coplien )


Automated unit testing is one of the most popular tools of agile development. While unit tests made sense in the days when a testable unit (a function) was derived from a requirement, they don't make sense in an agile OO world. Yet we continue to use them, partly out of habit, and partly because they're easy and simply because we can, rather than because we should. Many unit tests have no business value and quite a few actually have negative business value. Automation removes the human from the loop; even Toyota is replacing its robots with people to restore learning to the work cell. Instead of unit tests, great products apply the same principles to defensive programming: effectively deliver the tests with the code.

Jim ("Cope") Coplien is an old C++ shark who now integrates the technological and human sides of the software business as an author, coach, trainer, and executive consultant. He is one of the founders of the software pattern discipline, and his organizational patterns work is one of the foundations of both Scrum and XP. He currently works for Gertrud & Cope, is based in Denmark, and is a partner in the Scrum, Inc. He has authored or co-authored many books, including the Wiley title, Lean Architecture for Agile Software Development. When he grows up, he wants to be an anthropologist.

Lessons learned from Ruby ( Yukihiro Matsumoto )


I have been working on Ruby for last 20 years. Very few open source projects last that long. In this talk, I will talk about the lessons I have learned from these years of experience as the creator of the language and the leader of the community. The talk will cover carrer strategy, open source movement and the new style of software development in 21st century, among other topics.

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto is a programmer, and the creator of the Ruby language. He started development of Ruby in 1993, so it's actually as old as Java. Now he works as a fellow of Network Applied Communication Laboratory Inc. (NaCl, also known as netlab.jp) which has sponsored Ruby development since 1997, and Rakuten Institute of Technology. He also serves as a chairman at Ruby Association, non-profit organization for supporting Ruby. Since his real name is too long to remember and is difficult for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce right, he uses the nickname Matz on the Net.

[Osaka] Introducing Selenium2 WebDriver ( Ryuji Tamagawa )


Today, Selenium is the de-fact standard tool for web application testing. But sometimes you would be confused if you look for information about Selenium. This is caused by revolutional and fast change that had happened between Selenium 1 and 2. This session is focused on Selenium 2 WebDriver, providing Its overview and demonstrations.

Sometimes a software developer, sometimes a trouble- shooting field engineer , working from A to Z for software products. Also working as a translator for O'Reilly Japan. Translated over 20 titles, mostly on big data, cloud computing, software development.

[Osaka] Osaka LT ( Masaki Nishitsuji, Yohei Yadori, Linlin Li )


We will briefly introduce how Osaka DU works. There're many kinds of services we develop and operate. Members are nice, juniors are growing up, and everyone is working with a lot of fun! Please enjoy watching it drinking beer:)

Oversea Conference

It's like an oversea conference in Japan:D And we will provide Free Pizza and Drinks. Let's enjoy watching great sessions, talking in English and eating Pizza! See you this Saturday!